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The virtual workplace: employee engagement

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Engagement is ‘a combination of commitment—the motivation employees have to help the organization succeed—and line of sight—the focus and direction employees need—to know what to do to make the organization successful.’

Changes to job design: delocalized work

Delocalized work effects employee engagement and motivation through the psychological boundaries we have around our work life. Heighten a sense of place through digital technologies to maintain the 3 C’s:

  1. Communication

  2. Contribution

  3. Connection

Changes to job design: relocalize work

  • Create your at-home ‘work space’

  • Create work goals and microsteps to achieveing those goals

  • Create a daily detailed schedule that include both work and nonwork activities


What we lose without in-person communication is audibility and visibility. Increasing voice/video communications to text/email communications ratio to can strengthen communication efficiency and buy-in. What software systems can support this process?


Virtual work may minimize working hours as there is less coordination of nonwork activities during the business day. Encourage team members to take up new learning activities that can also be supported by working from home, i.e learning a new language, cooking etc. Recognizing contributions in the virtual workplace is not difficult, just different. How can you recognize individual contributions?


A sense of belonging is an important aspect to job design. Virtual connections require a deeper sense of self connection: what’s your why? Host a weekly self development series with various external leaders that feature topics like wellness, internal markers of success, leadership approaches etc. Who would your team like to hear from?


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